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The application process is straightforward, you can save your progress and come back to finish it any time, and, most importantly, if you have any questions at all, we’re just a click away.

Take some time to understand what you’ll need to do to apply, then start your application any time. 

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Here’s How to Apply to the Nachshon Project:

1. Complete The Nachshon Project application by October 15th.
(You can apply at any time of the year. Applications will be considered closer to the October 15th deadline.)
2. Apply separately to Hebrew University here (you’ll need to be accepted by them, too).
3. Complete a virtual interview with The Nachshon Project team.

We’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted by November 15th.

Curious about the fellowship application? Here’s what to expect:

The fellowship application will help us get to know you better, learn about your background, and find out what your experiences and interests are when it comes to Jewish leadership and Jewish life. We’ll also ask for references and letters of recommendation -- but don’t worry, you’ll get all the information you need for that piece when you apply.

Start Your Application for the Undergraduate Fellowship
  • “The Nachshon Project provided me with the opportunity to take a step back and clarify what is important to me and to think about where my life is headed. It also enabled me to consider how I can improve my connections with other people and how I can better present ideas to different audiences in a way that they will find meaningful”. 

    Eliana Kahan, Barnard College, Camp Stone, Nachshon Project Graduate Fellow

  • “The Nachshon Project gave me the opportunity to engage with peers from completely different backgrounds, which really gave me the chance to learn new ideas and to better understand how different summer camps and different movements within the Jewish world define Jewish practice. And while I learned a lot from hearing about these different experiences, I also understood how much we all have in common and how we share so many of the same values”.

    Joey Barr, Brandeis University, URJ OSRUI, Nachshon Project Graduate Fellow

  • “The Nachshon Project really helps you figure out where you see yourself Jewishly and professionally. Before coming on The Nachshon Project, I had a lot of questions about what role I wanted Judaism to play in my life, and the program provided the perfect opportunity to explore those questions. It was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

    Anina Dassa, University of Michigan, Camp Ramah in California, Nachshon Project Graduate Fellow

Have questions? We’re here to help.

As you consider applying for The Nachshon Project, you’ll probably have some questions -- about the program itself, life in Israel, how you’ll fit into the cohort, and more. If you’ve got questions, big or small, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you every step of the way.

(You can also check out our answers to some of our frequently asked questions here.)
Start Your Application for the Undergraduate Fellowship