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The Nachshon Project Graduate Fellowship
 "Launchpad" Track

The Nachshon Project Graduate Fellowship has two tracks. One is for those who participated in the undergraduate fellowship semester in Israel. The second - for those who did not - is called Launchpad.

Launchpad offers the benefits of The Nachshon Project Graduate Fellowship to a small number of elite young professionals who have worked between 3 and 10 years post-college, and now seek to prepare themselves for high-level Jewish professional leadership positions. Applicants can be current professionals in Jewish careers or career-switchers who now seek to bring their skills from other professions into the Jewish professional world. 

For both fellows who join the Graduate Fellowship after completing the undergraduate program, and for those joining via Launchpad, the benefits are the same:
Very significant funding per year toward full-time graduate school and living expenses, including degrees in Rabbinics or Cantorial School, Jewish Education, and Jewish Nonprofit Management. In a competitive process, applicants seeking to attend rabbinical school will receive priority.  
First-rate professional development programming, including annual conferences and supervised project implementation. The programming offers training in collecting and using data effectively; entrepreneurship; and emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. 
Relationships with a cohort of peers, who provide support to one another throughout their graduate studies and into their professional lives. 


The Launchpad Track of the Graduate Fellowship is open to individuals who:
Graduated college at least 3 years, and no more than 10 years ago.
Have at least 3 years of full-time work experience post-college.
Plan on beginning their Jewish graduate programs this upcoming summer or fall.
Complete guidelines for the Launchpad Track are available here.

Future Work Requirement

Nachshon Project Graduate Fellows are required to work professionally for the North American Jewish community for 1.5 times the number of years that they received financial support for their graduate education (e.g. if a fellows received funding for two years, they commit to working a minimum of three years).

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Application Timeline

Applications are due March 1st and are available here. Interviews take place in April.