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By Michelle Greenberg

Getting off the plane to start this new experience was a whirlwind of emotions but going right
into the opening conference made the transition much smoother. On our first night here, we all
gathered outside and were put to the test to see how well we could work together. Attempting to accomplish each task was difficult in and of itself never mind the overpowering jetlag we all
were feeling. Before we began our first puzzle, we split up into random groups which naturally
caused some anxiety about not being with those we already knew, but as soon as we were
grouped together that anxiety went away. I knew that the people I was surrounded by were about to become some of my best friends that would be by my side through the entirety of the semester and it was important to be open to the experience. Each puzzle that we were presented with allowed a new person in the group to showcase their abilities and lead the group to success.

Throughout the activity we were focused on our group’s mission but also were watching the
groups around us, cheering them on and laughing at the challenge that seemed impossible. After completing the night, Nachshon’s mission was clear. At the core of the program is cohort
building and finding ways to work with people you don’t know in order to complete the task at
hand. Starting off our time together in this way created an environment filled with trust and
created a platform of communication between one another. Although getting off the plane and
entering an unfamiliar space came with a lot of unknowns, establishing this bond with our cohort enabled me to feel comfortable moving forward with everything Nachshon had to offer.